Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fire Fire

Just started a week of being on call and got a phone call from the fire brigade at 0230. oh the joys of disturbed sleep. I must be getting old as its now Tuesday and I am still suffering, role on Friday when I can do some catching up. Have decided to get some work done on my boat, have a couple of numbers to try and will see how much of an arm or leg its going to cost me.
I thought last night that for one minute I had escaped the rather bad Christmas music that we have to endure. After swimming a few lengths it seems even the swimming pool is not immune. There swimercise classes all move along to the blasting of "I wish it could be Christmas everyday" I soon left, cut my ears off and am awaiting new year before I get them stitched back on again.

1 comment:

MortimerBones said...

did you get your ears sown on?

and did you get my parcel with the pd james novel?