Tuesday, February 03, 2009



A BSS check is one of the most inimate think you can go through. The boat safety scheme checks makes sure that you boat is safe, to be on and use. It is a great scheme and cuts down on the chances of an accident occuring. However it means someone goes through you boat looking in all the knooks and crannies of your boat. I have few outstanding things to deal with most are quite simple so shouldn't be a major problem.

We had a snow day today. Which meant we got sent home early, which was great. I managed to move out my bed and swap my sofa over as well. It means Whyte Swallow can build the new sofa at the weekend.
To top it all off, we went sledging at Whittenham Clumps, it was dark and it had iced up, we had great fun going down the slopes. I am glad it was dark and it would have been even more scary if we could see where we were going.
WS then cooked dinner, a great day!!!!

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