Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I having been driving for 17 years now, and I had a first on Sunday. I had been to see a band, but I was on call so coke for me. At the end of the evening, I was pulled over by the copppers. It was a safety awarness of the dangers of drink driving. They had no reason to pull me over but I had "to step out of the car sir" routine. I had one pint of beer all night,so was not overly worries.
It turned out to be a training session for a couple of WPC's as they had never done one before. I have the tube i blew into as a souviner.
I was a bit cheeky. I texted a friend and told her I had pulled over, after she had replied I told her I had been nicked and could she come down to the police station and bail me out. I did this with Valonia at my side, she even posed as a police officer on the phone. We did laugh, so did Whyte Swallow eventually after she had stopped swearing at me, she does take a joke well

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