Monday, July 30, 2007

Talk Time

Why is so difficult to have a conversation with a women with out getting raised eyebrows. I was chatting to the new receptionist at work (and yes I am single) and all I got where people having a extra long look when they want passed and giving the proverbial wink. I grant you she was attractive, however it was the last thing on my mind( I become a monk at work, otherwise all to complicated)I had said hello for the last few days as I had walked in and had not caught her name.In my ignorance I not sure if I can remember now( I am terrible with names) It seems chatting to her was some sort of crime if not criminal. It makes me out of principal keep chatting to her just to see if the gossip machine swings into action. Does this happened to anyone else I ask, any clues???.


MortimerBones said...

they are all just jealous!

Whitewater said...

I wish