Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beer but no Bacon Butties

I helped nbthegreenman on Sunday to move there boat. It was an interesting trip with all that stream running. It was esp tricky around Abingdon bridge and lock. After a few hairy moments we made it up through and onto the long haul up to Sandford. I have admit i was disappointed by the lack of catering services, there was no sign of a bacon butty, however the supply of beer did continue. I thought the saving grace would have been the Kings Arms at the lock , but alas no. There cellar had been flooded out so there was no beer, no food and in fact no pub open. Thank goodness for relations, Valonia's parents live near by and so where to help out via the local Chinese and transportation to a toilet(as there's was full and the pub shut).
As a side piece to the pain of lack of food and no pub.
My fellow companions had brought these small walky talkies. Bloody hell they are annoying, they have this whining call button to attract your attention and to make it worse all they did was chatter. Except that did not talk clearly so all they said "Eh what was that, say it again". I was not sure who or what i was going to throw in the river first.
We had to work the lock ourselves at Sandford as the lock keeper had knocked off duty(it was well past 7pm). However he did come out and say where we could tie up safely for the night and we had a chin wag about the conditions in Oxford and about the boat that sank by Folly bridge.
It has been a while since I have boated for pleasure( and at work for that matter), but it was nice to see Old Father Thames again, but also appreciate how tricky he can make things if he wants to

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valonia said...

You lost your bacon buttie priviledges a few days ago.

Nice to know you had fun.

You LOVED those walkie-talkies.