Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driving and Thinking

As the title suggests I was thinking as I was coming home tonight. As I was hoping to give the green man a hand with their boat, are there other people who might need a hand. If they do how do you go about finding out. On top of that is there a bloke here who is single and is looking for women who is into boats (that is a rare breed as well) is it possible to combine the two.
We (me and the bloke) where looking at setting up a web site to fulfil both needs. A notice board where people can put request for crew or where other can offer their services, in my case keep me in beer and bacon sarnies and I am quite happy. It would also be nice to have crew, as the Thames on your own can be quite tricky (but not impossible). It would be nice to meet a nice lady whether plutonic or otherwise to crew with and also to help out my mate to find a lady who does not find the whole concept of a narrow boat as a long shoe store rather as a great way of life.
Question are these sort of sites already up and running, if not, how do you go about setting up one. Don’t you need something called a domain; I must admit I don't have much of a clue. Can anyone help?


MortimerBones said...

There are canal forums that often have people looking for the opportunity for a cruise, or indeed want to help out. As for dating pages, I can think of lots of single male boaters, but very few female boaters. Besides, surely a women would love you for who you are and if that involves boats so be it. If they want to live in a house there is no reason why they shouldn't.. it is a modern world afterall and living together could become a thing of the past. Oh I know, these aren't helpful comments at all are they. Can you and your chum get together? Or how about a sec change or something?

valonia said...

I can't help you with the dating but i'll make sure you have plenty of beer and bacon butties on sunday.