Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moments of Clarity

I always thought moments of clarity were meant to be nice and bring things into perspective. I had one this afternoon and it is causing a little discomfort. It was about Yorkshire, more precise women from Yorkshire, why do i find them so attractive. I know one or two and yes they are attractive. What is it about them, is it the way they talk, is it there attitude and the way they look at life, I am not sure.
Most have a type, blond, redhead, long legs etc so what is it about me and northerners. Is this a disturbing turn of events or what. I wouldn't mind but I only have to been to Yorkshire once as a kid and it was awful, so I have no great affinity to the place.
I think I am going to lie down in a dark room and see if I recover.


valonia said...

How many PROPER Yorkshire women do you know? I don't think you know any Yorkshire BORN and bred types!!!!

It's just the "Eeeeee byyy gumm" stuff you like, isn't it? Go on, just admit it...

Whitewater said...

Even those not born in Yorkshire still make the claim of being Northern all the time. The eeeee byyy gummm does help, however I am sure it is more than that, or I shall have to start hummimg on Ikley moor b'ah t'at, not good!!!