Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas Do

We had our Marina xmas do, well it was more of a gathering and do, it was just a drink. We being Whyte Swallow, Valonia and her hubby, Mike and Mags also came along. We had a social evening the beer flowed and the conversation flowed well up to and beyond till last orders.
To top it off even Vanessa turned up late and offered to take us home. She has a convertible so we managed to persuade her to take her top off, even though it was cold, we flew home ( I can't even mention how fast Vanessa drives as the police might be reading).
It was a lovely evening it was the last chance that we had to be all together until we went our separate ways for Christmas, lets hope even one has a lovely Christmas and if they have been good children, Santa will leave them a present or two. :-)

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