Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congleton Wharf

The beer I was drink yesterday was cook-a-hoop, the prob was that I could Cock-a-doodle do not much else afterwards. So it was a very ealry night.. I woke up with a slight hangover at 2am.
Suprisingly I awoke quite late on in the morning, after the usaul hangover cure of coffee and a bacon sarnie I set off just after 11am. Today was another short hop of a couple of hours to the old Congleton wharf moorings.
The trip us was full of lovely scenery

I also spotted this fencing, which is quite unusual

Most of the turnover bridges here are locally known as snake bridges.When boats where pulled by a horse if meant they could cross the bridge and change sides on the towpath without unhitiching the horse

Even the mile markers are a little different from the norm

I took my usual wander into the town of Congleton, it is full of little shops, it had a market on as well as the usual high street shops. I did find however something a little left field

I wonder if you can guess what is being used for now, answers on a postcard or in the comments section....

The town itself was renown for its Silk Mills this is an old one which has had several attempts to have renovated

Well I shall await the arrival of Mags tomorrow and we shall press on up the Mac and into Manchester...

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