Saturday, September 26, 2009


We made good time this morning and hit Preston Brook tunnel bang on time...

As we hit Northwich it showed the old and the new, the first being the old salt works, while the latter the Chlorine plant. It was very slow going as there was so many boats moored up.

I had to include this as it was almost like a piece of art along side the canal

As you pass into Middlewich the church dominates the skyline

As well as the infamous big lock

We have now tied up at the top of the Middlewich flight for the night. It is a little noisy as we are along side the main road. We are off tomorrow up heartbreak hill and hopefully to the meet the birthday girl when she comes back down from Macclesfield for dinner....


Anonymous said...

At big lock in Middlewich, I met one of the scrutineers from the MG racing weekends working a boat in the other direction. We met Sarah and her mother (friends of mine) at the Kings Lock pub for a drink. It turned out to be three! Dinner was still awaiting us on the boat. I had cooked a sausage casserole with pasta. I think it went down well as there was nothing left. Mags

Anonymous said...

It was an excellent days boating and a meal. Pub was friendly but only Old Speckled Hen, not a fave of mine but as Mags says 3 went down.