Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even though the Leicester section has the bottom of the canal very close to the top it is still very nice to look at..

We soon hit foxton locks, two staircase locks with 5 in each. We had the usual problem of trying to find the lockie, otherwise we would have been through a lot quicker.

As soon as we were through Foxton we turned right and headed down the arm to Market Harborough, which going back all the big gardens is the land of sit on mowers.

By the time we go to the basin, we didn't find a space on the towpath moorings, so stayed in the basin, saw Hadar there but no-one was home. Think the plan is to stay here for a till Friday morning and then head off. As can have plug in and is a nice mooring for the town...


Anonymous said...

A bit more cloud but another cracker of a day. The canals can be very winding, and in a 70' boat we need a bit of clearance, so, when we give a good couple of blasts on the klaxon, for bends and bridge holes, do we get no response but a surprised boat!! Words fail me, although perhaps I'm becoming a grumpy old man.

Market Harborough will be a day off and stroll around town. AND the basin has a shower facility, excellent.

Cheers Mike

Anonymous said...

PS We also fitted up the fenders, amidst much huffing and puffing. But they look OK. Mike