Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We started from the top of Braunston first thing. It was feeling very atumunal as we awoke to this.

After a quick hop through the tunnel we turned left and headed up the Leicester section

We then headed for the Watford flight a mixture of single locks and staircase. We hung around for the lockie to tell us we could go up. We were soon heading up and soon on our way

We soon passed crick and beyond and were heading for the Welford arm

I need to throw in the customary Working Boat.

Welford itself is lovely. We had a nice wander round and saw an old pub and a cart barn

and this is what we finished the evening on, oh and a very nice dinner.

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Anonymous said...

A second day of unbelievable weather that made us feel even more alive. We are working hard, but the water flows under the boat and the scenery just keeps on passing. This is England, and it can't get any better.

Welford in one of those small gems, nothing spectacular but quintissentially of England, with good buildings, and a histort to match, and which we do not do enough to preserve. Where is the baker, butcher and general purpose shop with the post office. Now all lost, but France you can still find the essential village. Bloody influence of supermarkets, viz -----. Work it out. Cheers Mike PS Two of the pubs survive and the old Phipps name on the now closed off-licence.