Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mike and I decided to have a day in Market Harborough. When we awoke it seemed an even better idea as it was raining. We paid for last night and tonights mooring and also we managed electric plug into, saves us having to run the engine.

We took a stroll down the hill into the town passing what looks like a gate house which is now an office.

The town is full of old coach houses some are still pubs others now are shops. The Swan has one of the oldest wrought iron sign in the country.

We thought the Angel was a bit saucy...

I have the usual picture of the church, the working boat will follow.

The town is very well stocked with shops, local butchers, bakers etc live along side the large supermarket.

Back at the marina one of the blogs I have been following Hadar are tied up here too. It looks like no one is home though,shame


Anonymous said...

Really only been through 'arbrough before, but a very pleasant town to which I will go again. Very pleasant having a day off and not getting wet. But we have been lucky with the weather, and "Two Fenders" even more so over his 8 week or so jaunt.

End approaches and then back to the grind.


Anonymous said...

What we haven't said is that by dint of a taxi, car journey we made it to my local rock venue Robin2 in Bilston to see a reformed The Enid. Two Fenders was rather apprehensive about what he was about to see and hear, but The Enid turned up trumps and played an execllent near two hour set straight off. They have a web site etc. so try them. Mike