Thursday, October 01, 2009

Well today started off badly and finished even worse.. I got up late today as there was no real rush. I put the kettle on and was making toast, when I felt a big bang as a boat hit. I thought charming, looking through a port hole to see who had hit me I realised the bank I had tied to was a little further away than it should have been. Whilst the trees on the opposite bank where very close. Someone had pulled my pins out and I was floating off down the canal. So I started up and got going, even having breakfast on the move. I chugged away quite happily with the odd lock to keep me busy.

The problem with doing the same bit of canal again, is trying to look at different things. I took this pic of the animals on top and nearly steered into a moored boat. I even got some helpful suggestions from another of the moored boaters, didn’t here it though.

On a slightly different note, I spotted these moorings, which where really nice with the caravan and a working boat. Old working boats seem to be everywhere, I am surprised how many I have seen., will see even more on Friday..

Well I got to Gt Heywood and attempted to tie up below the lock, Attempted was the word alright. As I got stuck, badly, very badly. In fact I am still not off the bottom I gave up after an hour and that included a boat trying to pull me off.
We shall if I can get off tomorrow, otherwise I might be here for a while.

Gt heywood junction

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