Monday, February 12, 2007

Water Water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

It's the beginning of Feb and its like December all over again. I was called out whilst on duty and the river is back in flood. My usual winter cruise might have to wait until the spring the way things are going. I did get someone to have a look at the boat and I am still awaiting a quote. I am hoping to get it sorted before the summer starts. I have also booked a short holiday to Marrakech in May with a couple for friends to celebrate a birthday, I am so looking forward to it, will be the first time I have been, its a long way off but I am sure it will come around quite soon.I am busy testing driving cars this week,a new company one, so I shall be spending my evenings exploring the countryside trying them out.
Not much has happened Xmas and new year came and went. I am looking forward to the summer again but not the extra hours. Except for HRR which was so much fun last year.