Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baldock welcome home.

We(being I and the crew) finally got our hands on Baldock. We had a bit of slow start as we got the protective chain that guards the moorings wrapped around the prop... ooops... oh well
There isn't much to tell on the way down, however after tying outside the old dry dock we managed to find a spot on the tescos moorings at Bulls Bridge.
Baldockbwas worked originally by the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company and was built in 1947 by Harland and Wolf. After much changing of hands, Baldock was worked by Willow Wren and currently carries her livery...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

EA licences

I am fed up with hearing how the EA have suddenly imposed a new stealth licence on boaters. The legal situation has been since 1932 that all boats being used on the River Thames had to have a licence. The only recent argument has been what is the River Thames, most thinking that Marinas were exceptions.However about 5 years ago it was proved that private water didn't exist. So if 5 years and the amount of publicity in waterways press, and all the information sent to all BMF members and also other non members and marinas... i am lost at the excuses being made.. If you can't afford a boat then sell it.... it is no different for a car...