Monday, July 30, 2007

Talk Time

Why is so difficult to have a conversation with a women with out getting raised eyebrows. I was chatting to the new receptionist at work (and yes I am single) and all I got where people having a extra long look when they want passed and giving the proverbial wink. I grant you she was attractive, however it was the last thing on my mind( I become a monk at work, otherwise all to complicated)I had said hello for the last few days as I had walked in and had not caught her name.In my ignorance I not sure if I can remember now( I am terrible with names) It seems chatting to her was some sort of crime if not criminal. It makes me out of principal keep chatting to her just to see if the gossip machine swings into action. Does this happened to anyone else I ask, any clues???.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Great Escape

The water have been falling over the last few days and I managed to escape this weekend. I went with friends to the Brookalnds museum in Surrey. There is a large collection of old car there that where used in the hay day of the Brooklands track It was the first purpose built race track, it was built at the turn of the century with a large collection of cars which set world records and raced in the early grand prix days. It also houses one of the original Concord's and a Wellington bomber which they found at Loch Ness(perhaps this was Nessie after all

In contrast next door was the modern, Mercedes-benz world.It holds a vast collection of the new cars as well as vast collection of old photographs from the 1910's when racing was at it height. It also had some classic cars there as well

A Gullwing

To make the day complete we found a cracking pub in Benson, called the Three Horseshoe's the beer was fab the food was great and it was a lovely atomsphere in there. 4 stars, never could be 5 now unless they have an alt smoking area which is friendly and inviting. Back to Europe for that as they ignore everything.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rising waters

How this for a week. I watched the Thames rise over 6 feet till it was lapping around my ankles then my knees now its up to my thighs. A great investment was a pair of waders, I have had to use them since Sunday to get and from my boat. It's such a bizarre site seeing the marina rise and rise and the waters just coming in and surrounding in great pools of water. The car park had nearly 3 ft of water. the fields around are just vast lakes. I went to Culham on Tues and the water there is coming over the bullnose like a fancy water feature, you have to see it to believe it.

Culham Lock's water feature

Another sight to be hold was all the fire crews and ambulances helping people off their boats that where stranded. To top it off their was about three TV crews filming there. I managed to watch three different news programmes all being filmed on Abingdon bridge.

I had to do a loo run. I got three loos in the back of the car. This had to be moved by row boat across the car park. Then i drove to Goring lock and emptied there. I carried them back across by using a rope andattaching them together and letting them float across behind.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I heard the strangest of things "I dread going to bed and I hate getting up". to me that seems really strange. I love my bed, I miss when i am not there, sometimes rather than stay the night and drink, I will drive home to it.

I am also worried I am working this weekend and it going to rain and rain and rain. 4 inches in 36 hours oh my, i could be busy this weekend, as i am on duty just to top it off, joy. It is also the Thames Traditional boat rally@ Henley

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where is the summer

The sun has come out along with it all the problems of summer. I have been involved in a swan rescue of over 50 birds. This caught the eye of the local press so they have been busy interviewing( not me I hasten to add). Someone trying to clip his nails with a hedgecutter, a gas leak and I am stuck inside and the sun is out. Boo hoo.