Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful People

What is it about beautiful people they attract beautiful people as well. I spent the weekend with a friend of mine and her b/f.Its bad enough she is she is so gorgeous, her fella is just the same. They even dream about beautiful people as well,they are the Brad and Jennifer of Sheppey, it is depressing, what hope is there for us ugly people.

Need I say more

Hever Castle

I went to Hever Castle , over the weekend what a fab place.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You never forget

They say you never forget to ride a bike. Well it is true. My neighbour even after years decided to buy a bike. However she has been to nervous to try it out.
Till this today

After a few stuttering starts and not able to get her feet onto the pedals she managed to get a few feet down the road. She was not the greatest of stopper's, but she never fell off. After about 10 mins she had cracked it and then she was off down the road and off into the distance. This is after over 40 years of being on a bike, you never forget.
After the the last post I put on, all i got was questions, who what and why, except the main question was who did I go home with. I will like to say I went ( and I had gone to the club with) a very nice young lady. She was good company and even allowed me to kip and her place. So for those who keep asking I went and came back with a women and yes she was straight, and I am hoping to see her again( maybe to prove it).

Here is to the champagne evening......

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A great night out

I went to see a friend last night, I thought the plan was for a nice meal out maybe a few drinks and then a quiet night in. How wrong was I.
It turned out to off her friends are gay and they like to go to a bar/club in Oxford, so after a few drinks and a meal, instead of a quiet night in, I am off to Oxford to a gay bar.... !
I was little suprised as I am not a great clubber at the best of times. However I had a great time. I danced my socks off and had a little to much to drink. The place was packed and everyone was having a great time as well.
It was only £3 to get in and the bar was not a rip off and the whole place was clean and tidy. It is also a mixed night so you get all shades there. I would happily go again, however the club does not shut till 3am. Which is a bit much for a Tuesday night, even though I was off the following day, I slept to noon. Will probably go out with them again, but might do the champagne evening next wednesday in Woodstock.
I having been driving for 17 years now, and I had a first on Sunday. I had been to see a band, but I was on call so coke for me. At the end of the evening, I was pulled over by the copppers. It was a safety awarness of the dangers of drink driving. They had no reason to pull me over but I had "to step out of the car sir" routine. I had one pint of beer all night,so was not overly worries.
It turned out to be a training session for a couple of WPC's as they had never done one before. I have the tube i blew into as a souviner.
I was a bit cheeky. I texted a friend and told her I had pulled over, after she had replied I told her I had been nicked and could she come down to the police station and bail me out. I did this with Valonia at my side, she even posed as a police officer on the phone. We did laugh, so did Whyte Swallow eventually after she had stopped swearing at me, she does take a joke well