Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A great night out

I went to see a friend last night, I thought the plan was for a nice meal out maybe a few drinks and then a quiet night in. How wrong was I.
It turned out to off her friends are gay and they like to go to a bar/club in Oxford, so after a few drinks and a meal, instead of a quiet night in, I am off to Oxford to a gay bar.... !
I was little suprised as I am not a great clubber at the best of times. However I had a great time. I danced my socks off and had a little to much to drink. The place was packed and everyone was having a great time as well.
It was only £3 to get in and the bar was not a rip off and the whole place was clean and tidy. It is also a mixed night so you get all shades there. I would happily go again, however the club does not shut till 3am. Which is a bit much for a Tuesday night, even though I was off the following day, I slept to noon. Will probably go out with them again, but might do the champagne evening next wednesday in Woodstock.

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