Friday, October 31, 2008


It was as sad day yesterday. Misha the terrorist of White Swallow has been given a new target. He went to Valonia parents as he was causing to much trouble at the marina. He is on a long holiday, learning how to behave until he returns. It will be odd not having him around, as he often would say hi as I came home, if White Swallow was out, he often curl up on the sofa. There where not many dry eyes in the house by the time we left. The comfort is he will return :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Am half thinking of having a career switch

Water Processes - Advanced Professional Masters MTech

£10,500 p.a. and a laptop available*
Full-time only
The key features of this Masters' level Water Processes programme include:
Company sponsored programme
Real responsibility and challenge from the outset
Pathway to a career in the water industry
'Hands-on' experience

The Master of Technology - Advanced Professional Masters (MTech) qualification is an innovative model of postgraduate study combining taught Masters study, company-based research, professional development and industrial experience. It has been designed to meet industry's increasing demand for high calibre professionals by balancing the teaching of technical knowledge with the development of applied, commercially driven research capability.
The MTech Water Processes is the ideal programme for individuals who want to make a real difference to delivering reliable water supplies, or to maintaining and enhancing river and ground water quality. The UK water industry has a high demand for 'process literate' graduates who can design, engineer and manage treatment plant, equipment and associated processes. This specialist postgraduate course has been designed and developed in conjunction with key stakeholders in the water industry to provide a tailor-made solution to the skills and knowledge shortage facing the sector. The MTech programme involves students spending the majority of their time based within their sponsoring company, gaining hands-on experience whilst learning in an industrial context.
This course is suitable for science or engineering graduates keen to pursue careers within companies involved in water and wastewater treatment, process contractors, consultants, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and industrial water users; or graduates currently working in the water sector keen to extend their qualifications; or individuals with other qualifications who possess considerable relevant experience.
The School of Applied Sciences is an ideal choice in which to develop your expertise. Look out for the next Cranfield University Open Day if you would like to visit us.
*This company sponsored programme offers suitably qualified associates £10,500 p.a. plus fess applicable to UK students. A laptop computer is also offered.
School of Applied Sciences
©2007 Cranfield University

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It was a harsh day in Yorkshire and a man went to visit the grave of his late wife. He looked upon the epitaph and it read" She is thin". The man went to the stonemason and said you have missed of the "e". A few days later the stonemason phoned to say he had finished, so the man returned.
As he looked upon the head stone it read "E she is thin"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Over the last few weeks I have been travelling to work , the world of cyclist on the road seems to have tripled. Was it a cold wet summer, did they have nothing better to do, than procreate. They also seem to avoid the cycle network system and stick to little back roads, perhaps this is part of natural selection.

ps I am back for now..