Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cleaning Day

Cleaning is one of life trials.. just someting you have to do. I like to do this to loud heavy music.. Muse is my particular band of choice. I have two bits of advice to this. One is, do it naked.. if you get dirty it doesn't matter you can just jump straight in the shower. The second piece is don't use to much cilit bang in a confine space, it makes you cough like mad as it produces so much fumes. I am now trying to recover with my head out of the front doors breathing in as much fresh air as possible.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Reunion part2

Things are getting worse, even the primary school pictures are coming out of the woodwork.. Saying that the event has made the local press including picture, I wonder if things are building up to much, lets hope its as exciting as we hope.

Monday, August 02, 2010

School Reunion

An old school mate( i think I can still call her that) has organised a school reunion. The scary thing it has been now 20 years since the end of school, well I did stay on for A levels.
Come Septemeber some 80+ of us will be heading back to the old town like a pilgramge, to worship at our Mecca which was the rugby club. I spent my birthday there,as many of us did and like most was all a bit hazy..
HOwever I don't what is more scary... the pics coming out of the woodwork from when we were so much younger, or the fact I can't remember half the names or faces.