Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casino Royal

I had dinner with White Swallow last night. There is nothing like good food and wonderful company to make what had been a boring day into a lovely end for all. We even managed to watch a DVD, she is a bond fan as well so we both enjoyed Casino Royal, and the surprising thing was that we both drooled over the Aston Martin more than anything else.
She is great company and I am really enjoying us hanging out together. She is away for the weekend which will be the first time for a while that we have been apart. It will be strange not having her around, at least I can be of use, cat sitting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I tried to get a small gathering of boats to have a short trip down to Dorchester over the weekend. What started off as 4 boats turned out to be one after each one dropped out. I went down with White Swallow on her boat. The weather was not the best, but we didn't get any of the rain as promised. We tied up just above Days Lock and settled in to an evening of backgammon and Scrabble( we do lead exciting lives), I lost,badly. Never try scrabble with someone who has a doctorate, you only put yourself to shame.
After a lazy morning of me reading and White swallow chuckling to herself over the Narrowdog to Carcassone. We decided to walk into Dorchester and have a look at the Abbey. What a vast building for such a small village, it dominates the village and all roads seem to return to it. In between a quick refreshment break we went for a walk and found the old mill.
We had to return to the Fleur De Ley (pub) for more suitable liquid recover, we spent a wonderful afternoon putting the world to rights and admiring the wildlife, as a hedgehog had wandered into the pub garden.
We left late afternoon and made our way back. We took out time to the point we hit Culham after hours and had to work ourselves through. We finally made it back for a late dinner, which topped off a great weekend
(sorry can't seem to able to put my photo's on)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I found myself dropping off to sleep yesterday afternoon, not normally a problem, but I was driving at the time. I had to wind the windows down to try and get some fresh air into the car. The worst thing was I really struggling to keep my eyes open. I was so close to stopping on the way home. In the end I managed to stave it off and I went swimming to help me perk up.
Later on I went to a friends for dinner. We have been swapping who's turn it was over the last few days. Her spag bol was great, I did feel guilty as I could not manage it all. Here is to the next meal.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I admit I prefer dogs to cats, however kittens are very cute and very hard to resist. Saying that they have tried there luck over the last few days. I have discovered a "nice" present on the front deck, so the boat got a quick clean. The following day I had friends over and one of the kittens came to visit. I had not noticed if they had left or not, at 5am whilst licking my toes, I found out that one had been left behind and now wanted to go home. There have been no major disasters yet, but I was not able to find out where Lewsey had hidden till 5am

Thursday, August 07, 2008

What are you doing

I watched with great amusement Valonia and her neighbour Helen trying to adjust the blinds that Valonia had brought. They where slightly to big so it was decided they needed trimming. They did this by laying them on the pontoon and then using a straight edge cutting them to size. It did not go quite to plan I was to busy chuckling to myself to offer any help. Helen, even with her practical skills struggled, but she did manage to sort Valonia's slightly wonky edges. I contributed by making the tea and not laughing to hard, both I did with great aplomb. Two blinds and nearly two hours later, just three more to go.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another post

I have managed to survive another weekend. This included working and also catching up with bones at the boaters banter in Oxford, well I was driving. To make it worse I had a couple of days off after the weekend and all it did was spit with rain. I was meant to change the bilge pump as well, my spirit waned and so I cheered myself up with DVD's whilst doing the domestics. I am hoping to see Bones again soon, even more worrying though is Valonia might be at a loose end, which means either lots of tea drinking ( good) or Vodka(bad). I have to resist the temptation my poor liver could not cope.
On a lighter note I am trying to get hold of a friend and invite myself down to her new seaside flat for a few days to relax.