Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hatton Flight Walk

We decided to go for a walk we found a circular walk, which involved the Hatton flight of locks. I have included the directions if anybody would like to try it.

Hatton Flight looking up

Starting from the Main Car Park at Hatton Locks, cross the bridge over the canal, go straight ahead towards the yellow waymarker on the fence and pass through the hedge to the gate. Go through the gate and bear slightly left across the field following the yellow way markers, cross the railway line using the footbridge. Go through the wooden gate into a field, keeping to the way marked footpath.
Cross this field and pass through gap in hedge. Proceed in the direction of the farm on the ridge taking you across the field and over a footbridge and through a gate. (Keep an eye out for Buzzards!) Go up the hill towards the farm and pass through the gate. Continue through this field to a gate into a small strip of land adjoining the farmyard. There are now two walks of differing lengths.
If you would like to take the shorter route, go through the first gate, turn left and head back towards the canal going across a field to a metal gate and under the railway back to the lock flight. Cross the bridge, turn left to walk up the Grand Union Canal and back to Hatton Locks car park.
If not, go through the second gate on your right, turn left and with the farm buildings on your right, follow this track until you reach a tarmac road. (Wonderful view of St Mary’s Church, Warwick and St Michael’s Church, Budbrooke as you walk along this track) Turn left. At the T junction turn right into Church Lane and continue along this road until you reach the double gated entrance to St Michael’s Church, Budbrooke.

Enter the churchyard and follow the path to the left, then take the gravel path around the side of the church (keeping church to your right) and exit through a wooden gate to rear of churchyard. Bear right across a field to a kissing gate. Enter the field and head to the right towards the gate before the railway and church spire/tower in the distance. Go through the gate and tunnel, turn right and follow the edge of the field keeping the railway to your right until you come to a wooden fence. Walk with the wooden fence on your right and go through the metal gate into Warwick Parkway Station car park. Cross the car park of Warwick Parkway Station to the traffic lights.
Cross over at the traffic lights, walk left, and then turn right down the access road to the picnic area which is on your left next to the bottom of Hatton 21 (locks).

The Canal was frozen in places

Cross over the canal using the lock gates (take care when crossing the lock gates) onto the towpath. Turn left and walk back up the Grand Union Canal to Hatton Locks car park.

We decided we needed some refreshment before we headed home, the beer was quite good there was even some nice art work on some of the seats

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