Monday, March 23, 2009

Virus part 2

I managed to give myself a virus. The warning is when you get a message about you getting Trojan's,worms and various other virus's DON'T download anything. My computer said it was an anti-virus 360 a anti virus programme. In fact the anti virus programme was the virus. It screws up everything. I tried to download Spy bot and other anti virus, but wouldn't allow me. You can't upload anything via CD or DVD I did manage something by an external dongle, but by then my system was to badly affected.
I managed to find a local computer whizz at Helen who runs the company is based in Reading. She sorted out all my bugs and viruses and it didn't cost the earth. In fact when I got the bill I had to double check to make sure she had charged me enough. If you have any problems with your computer ( I rarely recommend anyone however...) she was great and suggest anyone go and see her.

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