Tuesday, December 23, 2008

By heck love

Things are getting worse I have just sat down and watched "Love Actually". It got me thinking about the whole news report on how Rom com are not real life things don't actually happen like they do in the film.
Of course they don't it's like the whole think with love songs , it's all a fantasy world. Then I took it a stage further, what happens if it starred Yorkshire actresses, oh god that would be a double whammy, a love story with eh by gum, what ever next.
More worrying is this blog is beginning to let strangers into my rather odd world of my head, its bad enough friends read it occasionally, I dread to think what strangers think!!!

At the end of the day though, I am a romantic, so let me go and shed a tear as the film ends


valonia said...

Was it on the telly or do you have the DVD? The original Love Actually not the Yorkshire version....

Whitewater said...

It was on tv, however i can get the DVD version if you want it