Friday, December 12, 2008

An ill one

I am in the process of feeding up the sexy sounding Jazz singer. No it is not a great well known Diva, it is just Valonia full of a cold. She has popped over for a bowl of soup, drink tea, and just try and feel a little better. I know you are meant to sympathise with the sick, but she made me watch reality TV, I am counteracting this by watching the Money Programme. I am sure we are both suffering in some way.
Lets hope Valonia gets better, but then again she could make a fortune with that sexy voice>


valonia said...

It was Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes 2... the end of. It really wasn't that bad!

Thanks for the soup and the tea, oh, and for cheering me up when I was feeling sorry for myself :)

Whitewater said...

No problem glad to be of service.