Saturday, November 22, 2008

Morts Bed

I would never normally talk about someone elses bed, especially Morts. I had the pleasure of sleeping in it recently, I hasen to add I was alone(alas), before you get carried away. I had gone up for a social evening and ended staying.I do love the beer cloth throw that is on it along with the other three layers, it keeps you toasty warm. I had to return to work in the morning so alarms( I did at least two to wake me up) where set earlier than normal. When I sleep in a strange(ers) bed I am always worried I won't wake up so I tend to wake before the alarm goes off, don't ask me why. Anyway I woke before the alarm in a rather strange daze, listening to the local wildlife. However the local sounds gave me strange palpitations, I was having flash backs to the Godfather as i could hear a horse noises. I even had to check the bed then the boat as it was so loud. After I had woken up and had a cup of coffee, my head was begining to clear. When I finally left to go to work I realised the source of the noise. I saw a rather large horse in the field opposite the canal right outside the bedroom window. To say I felt a little foolish was an understatement.
As a side issue, my hostess does provide biscuits for breakfast so things are not all bad. So thank you Mort for being such a good host.

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MortimerBones said...

oooh my bed has made it into the world of fame!

I like the bit about the horse - it made me giggle!!!