Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Women talking is a dangerous thing, its even worse when a man is listening. The worst topic to be listening to is relationships. They (being women) have such a different why at looking at what they are after.
This whole thing complicated thing by women who still summed up by Je ne sais quoi. No matter how good,kind,honest etc a man can be. You can have the same tastes, similar interests, love the same tv,radio,films laugh at the same silly jokes.Enjoy each others company and thats with out saying finding them extremely attractive. If he does not the X factor( I hate that program) he has no chance.
I love relationships, as from each you can learn something about yourself. It also means you can learn what you want out of a relationship, you think you know all the answer,but only experience can teach you. I never realised how important timing had to be. Not matter how right you think things are and how comfortable you are with someone. If they are not in the same place with you, it won't work. The question is will you ever meet at the right time and place again?
It all ways reminds me of the saying "if you love them. let them go, if they love you, then they will return" or something like that. I can tell you that is easier said then done. I have done it, she never returned as my love, but we have been friends ever since and I can say I still love her to bits. However it will be only the love between best friends and not lovers.

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