Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashton Canal

We set off from Portland basin this morning before 9am. The Ashton canal reputation proceeds it as a druggie infested, lightfingered locals... That was far from it, apart from a pair of cheeky lads who offered us £40 and a bottle of blueberry breezer for the boat.
The Ashton apart from its lack of depth and the amount of large stones, got stuck several times,again. Is quite a pleasant canal. It is a great way of showing what Manchester was and is becoming.
Mags and I plugged away at the 18 locks that took us into Manchester...

The junction.

The contrast of old and new is everywhere, from pound to pound to buildings right next door to each other.

We finally hit Ducie street and have tied up after 6 hrs 6 miles and 18 locks, of hard slog, well slog for Maggie I was just steering....

We are off to meet friends in Manchester at the Marble for a pint or two tonight. I think Maggie more than deserves it and prob a late start with a thick head, will keep you posted..

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