Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rochdale and Beyond

I forgot to show what a lovely mooring we had overnight. It was lovely and quiet, which was a good thing as we both had rather thick heads after the evening in the Marble Arch.
Roberts our extra crew member joined us for bacon butties and coffee before we set off down the Rochdale 9, a set of wide beams locks that take you down on to the Bridgewater canal.

All the paddle gear is locked up due to some of the local kids playing and draining the pounds. We had no problems with that today as water kept flowing over the top gates.

Also with it being quite tight in places the lock beams had to be shorter and so had a odd pulley/winding system to open and shut the gates.

The canal flows down through parts of the old city which still has not been over developed yet, but in some places there where hints of it with new bars springing up along side the canal.

We then headed off the Rochdale and onto the Bridgewater where the canals all began. The bridgewater canal is like a river, wide and deep, but with the flooding. We could really wind the engine up and make good time. We decided to take a diversion and head to Worsley. This is where the first canal was founded and you can just see the delph where all the underground canals where built and the bridgewater then constructed to take all the coal..

There is even a little board describing what happened. The town itself is lovely and we had a nice stroll and ended up having a pint the Barton Inn.

Robert and Mary then joined us later on, where sat having cheese and wine and having a pleasant evening. They are both great company and have been a real help in either helping to crew or doing some washing for me.. I know a little cheeky..

Am off back down the Bridgewater and back on the Trent and Mersey tomorrow, where Mike will join for the weekend..

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Anonymous said...

It was hard work bt well worth the hard work through Manchester. I loved every minute of it.