Friday, September 25, 2009

Preston Brook

I think the last few days of hard boating and a few late nights finally caught up with us.As we spent a lovely cheese and wine evening with Robert and Mary. I struggled to get out of bed and Maggie was not up till gone midday.However I did manage to get going just after 10am and push back down the Bridgewater and back on the main line south and heading back towards the T&M.
Like many parts of Manchester, parts of the Bridgewater remind you of what it use to be, with its old warehouses.

Something else you notice is every few miles a hand crane with stop planks. As the Bridgewater doesn't have any locks if there was ever a breach they would need the planks to prevent losing all the water in the canal.

The more south we travelled the more canal like it became, we lost both the width and the depth as so we made slower process than planned. There where plenty more boats moored up and boatyards as we got closer to the end of the canal.

We finally moored up at Preston Brook the site of where the IWA festival took place a few years ago. We have several tunnels and a trip towards Anderton tomorrow.

We are awaiting the arrival of Mike and then dinner a glass of wine and then off again in the morn, not sure where we will be tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

The Bridgewater is an excellent waterway, it is wide and deep. There are more boats now then the last time I travelled it in the 80's. Steve wanted to give up moving around 3pm, but after sending him off for an afternoon snooze, we made Preston Brook quite easily. Mike arrived around 8ish after a bad run up the M6. I again cooked dinner and we enjoyed a number of glasses of red wine.

Anonymous said...

Canals equal tranquility (mostly) M6 was like a slow moving car park, so peeled off at J16 and went where the sat nav took me, via Asager and Sandbach. Satnav is called John after the voice on it, the great John Otway. Food was excellent and the wine most welcome. Mike