Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today was a lazy day, however I achieved a lot during the day. Red Bull has one of the local offices based here and also the full range of services, this includes washing facilities and a shower. I did two loads of washing, filled the water tank and hovered the inside of the boat. I also indulged in a long hot shower, in a room half the size of the boat and not having to worry about water usage, ah it was bliss. After a late lunch I took my customary afternoon stroll and a pint on the way back,after I had picked up supplies in the local shop..

I saw this, to me it looks like a old school bell tower but I can’t be sure.

This made me chuckle too so I had to include it..

This is the wharf where I stayed for an extra day...

This is the pub we enjoyed a few nice pints of beer...

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Anonymous said...

Well a good place to moor, not too noisy, some interest from boats passing and you can sit in the pub garden (over one of the second lock chambers) and gongoozle as boats work through. AND, the pub is friendly and has good beer. (Yes I know never start a sentence with and, but or because, however, this isn't one of my formal work reports!). Mike