Sunday, September 06, 2009


Well I am at Shardlow.

The worry is that it took me the 15 lock miles I thought it would but I caught every single lock with either someone to help out or someone waiting to help. It still took me 6 hrs to get here, perhaps my 15 lock miles per day were a little ambitious. I hate to admit as well I had a puff of a cig about 10 mins ago. I had some tobacco left and rolled one, I only had two puffs and put it out, e mother wo'd be proud,(4u Helen)

I got to here as I went from the Soar to the Trent and got a little perplexed

One of the old factories in Loughborough

Mike and Maggie came over and we did a mini pub crawl of Shardlow. I had a couple before they turned up, I had to make sure they did food. The Navigator food was lovely and then we went to the Clock Warehouse the Malt Shovel and then the new New Inn, as feeling a little light headed esp after the puff on a fag....

According to the plan( you will suprised there is one) am off to BOT in the morning. It is a shame that the breweing museum had closed, oh well will have to do my research in a pub tomorrow...

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