Wednesday, September 02, 2009

At Last

The sound of a RN2 running sweetly, there is nothing like it. As you can tell we sorted the overheating of the engine. The engineers of River canal rescue did a grand job of tracking down where the water cooling system had got blocked. The spent a lot of time of having to bleed the system. After 4 hours of graft they were finally happy and we where able to travel on..
It made it a long day, by the time we had got back to the marina. I was even allowed to back her in to her mooring, the T's where suprised how well I did, I must admit I was as well, it is nice when it goes well.
After packing up to come home for a short well it was nearly 7 by the time I was on the road home. I had to dodge all the rain storms and standing water. I was settling in when Whyte Swallow came and said hello, it is nice to be missed, we caught up over a drink.
Today is being spent washing and preparing for the going to the wedding on Friday.

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