Monday, September 14, 2009

Caldon Canal-Leek

The Caldon again has thrown up a suprise, this time it is the Leek arm, Mike and Maggie have missed out on a gorgeous hour of slow chugging.. However I had a mess up or two on the way. The Caldon is shallow as I found out at the bottom of Cheddlington Locks as I got stuck fast, after about twenty mins of forward and back and using the pole, I got no where. So as the boat above crew was around I went for cracking a paddle with the lock open, and I just slid off no problems.
Just to prove other people are idiots as well, someone decided to tie up at the tight corner at Denford. I did hit him quite well as at the last minute I decided I was not going to make the corner, fortunatley no damage. It does serve to remind all be aware thier are some 70ft out there....

I also struggle around the turn at Hazlehurst to get onto the Leek branch, but oh my was it worth it, what do you think........

Just to top it all there was another tunnel to end the day on.

Well the plan is to have a day off and potter and see if I can find a launderette. The T's are coming for a days cruise on Wed, to help me off the Caldon and all those stupid lift bridges. At least the ones down the far end are either left open, or have been removed.

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