Friday, September 18, 2009

The Mac

It is not the return off, but more like the first visit.

I motored on quite early this morning, 7.30 to be precise, to make the first journey northbound through the tunnel. However some folks had thought the same, even staying overnight, so I was fourth in the queue..


For some one who suffers from slight claustafobia,any tunnel is a challenge, esp as one as long as 1 3/4 miles long. However, no matter how dirty, the other end looks great

The fatal mistake I made today, was tying up before midday after an early start and meeting a fellow boater in the pub on the way back from the coop, oh my head is beginning to spin and it is only 7pm.......

Good job is only a short sprint tomorrow, do some washing of the bedding and meeting Mags on Sunday... till I am sober

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Easily led and no head for beer then! Same as usual. An old mate.