Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caldon Canal

With the extra pair of hands, I was able to make much better time.

The lovely view as you come into Stoke

We did quite well going up the Stoke flight esp we where following a working boat and helped work them through. However the couple on the boat behind seem to think the lock pixies where going to majic them up the flight. It is strange how some boaters, just seem to want to stay with their boats and make no effort to help with the locks. This has been quite vexing when I have been single handed.

However there are some nice little finds as well this Bone and Flint Mill just below the top of the flight at Stoke

At the top we turned up the Caldon canal. It is very pretty( pics tomorrow) however it is very shallow and we where up and down like a yo yo and as we kept hitting the bottom. The other major problem is lift bridges, as they are all set on the wrong side for me to get off and operate. So at the moment I have no idea how I am going to cope, we shall see....

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