Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caldon Canal part 2

The Caldon canal is a lovely canal. It is full of surprises, it is quite shallow with lots of twists and turns, as recommended by Mike (he says). We decided to go down the main line towards Froghall tunnel.

This is the aqueduct

This was a typical lock

As we headed downstream we passed the Chedlington Flint Mill, we where to early to go in, so we carried on.

Consall Forge has a steam railway, Mike would have liked to go on for a ride, however he was more eager to go through the tunnel. It was first for all the crew, esp as it is such a low tunnel and not many boats can get through. Also was we approached the last lock it suggested that all boats over 65ft would not fit. However we where determined to carry on. I am not sure how many 70ft have gone through tunnel. I steered her through and Mike steered her out

We tied up at Consall Forge for the night and had dinner at the Black Lion and had a great meal. As a bonus this passed right by the beer garden

Am losing my crew tonight, hopefully Mags will return next week. There is also a chance Sue and Paul will come on Wed and work me off the Caldon.

The plan tomorrow is to go down the Leek arm.


Anonymous said...

Both Mike and myself had a great weekend with Steve. I have re-found muscles I had forgotten all about. It is worth the trip up to Froghall on the Caldon Canal. The scenery is beautiful and we had the added bonus of the preserved railway running.

Whitewater said...

I am glad you enjoyed it