Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well another day on the Macclesfield,it started off with us stuck on the bottom and taking 15 mins to get off, so didn't really start till 10am. We took a slow chug up, in fact we didn't have much choice as it was so shallow.

It wouldn't be a canal trip without the customary pic of a heron.

However at High line we did see something a little strange, next to a load of boats

We made slow process to Marple locks on the Peak forest canal, where we met a friend of Mags, Robert, who has boated many times and was an added bonus pair of hands for the Marple flight( 16 locks).

The Marple is a lovely flight

The locks however are quite small and if you're not careful apart from sitting on the cill, you can have an unexpected shower as well.

Once we got to the bottom of the Marple flight we passed over the aquaduct, it is listed as an ancient monument, this is looking at the viaduct across the valley

As we entered the edges of Manchester we passed the family of the Admason warehouses, founders of the Manchester Ship canal....

As yesterday I have know seen the eighth wonder of the world, Mags getting before me for two mornings in a row

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