Friday, October 02, 2009

Alvecote Marina.

I spent the night on the Coventry canal, a break from the Trent and Mersey.'This was one of the first bridges I went through, a defined change in style from the T&M.

I was chugging away and saw this, I know Helens is a little small, bit this one is pint sized.

I have to admit for all the beauty of the T&M, it is shallow. The Coventry is in reverse deep and I could motor, but mainly open countryside. Their are a few rest bites this was at Streethay Wharf.

It also might explain this just outside Hopwas. It is the new MOD secret firing range unless the flags are waved or lights flashing...

I kept chugging away and soon reached Fazely junction, I did have to read both sets of signs twice just to make sure I was going the right way.

also the customary working boat

To finish a little bit of a rant. The horn on a boat has a use, if you can't see round the next corner,bridge or any part of the canal you sound it to let other boats know your there. So when you come round a blind bridge hole and then straight into an aquaduct it is wise to sound it, before any other boat is at the point of no return. No that is just to easy, so I had to hit hard reverse so he could carry on. I was wondering if his horn didn't work or his finger or both. So when on the canals and you are not sure use the horn, end of rant(for today)

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