Monday, October 12, 2009

We hit stockton flight early it was chilly but we had glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.

I had the usual plethora of working boats at the top stockon, but I did like this one..

I also saw this boat, I am sure it is a friends old boat, I am sure they will correct me if I am wrong.

We finally hit Braunston. We went to the fender man and bought two fenders for the boat was also did the domestics filling up with water before we hit the flight. The approach can be a little tight sometimes.

For us we finished early tying up around 4ish at the top of the flight. Mike decided to hang his flag he had bought.. Question is can you name the county.....

answers not on a postcard, can be entered in the comments though, no prizes apart for being a smartarse..

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Anonymous said...

Due to a lack of signal, my perla have disapperaed into the ether, this is a poor re-construction of them.

"Two fenders" lived up to his new moniker, as we passed by Braunston, we purchased two new fenders for the boat. Beefy items too! Just got to fit them.

The day was one of those when it good to be alive, and which makes you feel that you fully are. The song lyrics "one of those days in England that I thought would never end" comes to mind. No prizes for those old enough or turned on enough to remember, composer/performer. The scenery had been typically English, shire county and that which Tolkein wrote about, the sun had blazed down, and the beer at the end of the day of the best. And we ended up with a golden glow as the sun reflected off the canal and slowly set. Mike