Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was bought a driving experience day, it was to drive an Aston Martin DB9. However at the track you can drive loads of different cars..

You had Bentleys

TVR-typical TVR though it broke down

An Audi R8

A Lambo

But I was due to drive one of these

However it was all very organised, you had to sign in. You then had to do the demo laps, we did ours in an Evo V. We also had the chance to have a quick off road demo in a Landrover.

We then went to our queues, my Brother in Law Gareth, was having a Lambo day.

Mine was in the Aston, this was me as I was going around the track.I managed to hit 135 down the back straight and 100 on the short one. I even got 37/40 from the instructor.

To top it all we went in a Subaru Imprezza where someone showed us how we should have driven around the track. It was an excellent day...

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Anonymous said...

He seemed to cope with the speed difference, 3mph to 135mph!! Mike