Sunday, October 04, 2009

A hard day-Saturday

I must add to the post from yesterday, so this one might see like a two parter...

I tied up at Alvecote Marina, and went to see a couple of friends I had not seen in a while. It also seemed a good place to meet Helen and leave her car.. The marina has it owns bar and we ( Helen and I) had a great night. My friend Drew is a great host and we caught up with all the news over the years. I am hoping it won't be so long, next time we see each other. At this point Helen and I discussed getting to gas street basin, I think we got talked into doing it in one day... so it bed by 2am and off by 8am, it didn't bode well..

Well after the early start with a few cobwebs to blow away, we headed off the coventry and onto the Birmingham and Fazely canal. It started with a very grand footbridge and some deep water. It then started to go down hill, with the wind picking up and the top of the canal getting closer to the bottom.

We hit Curdworth flight with the intention of flying up it, but the wind was very strong and we struggled, it took us nearly 2 hrs to do 9 locks

One thing I did notice on the flight was something a little different. Can you spot it

We tied up at the top of the flight, had lunch at went for a stroll around the village. I found my usual church( no working boats today) surprisingly it was open. We had a good look round, saw the font...

It was also nice from the outside.

After a long day, we headed back to the boat and I cooked dinner. After much consuming of wine, it seemed bed was the order of the day.. maybe gas street tomorrow...

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