Sunday, October 04, 2009


We didn't set off in any great rush this morning, we could as we had got stuck again and needed a tow off. However after the bacon sarnies and the sun shining, I am was sure we could make gas street today. We made slow progress again, however this was due the amount of fisherman long then bank,prob a miles worth. However soon after we left them we hit Spagetti junction like on the Motorway it is also where the canal splits. We turned left and headed for the Aston and Farmers Bridge flights all 24 locks in total

The lock are all quite close to together, so Helen and I got a good routine going. At the top of Aston we had to fill the pound up as the boat wouldn't get over the cill.

Farmers Bridge all the lock were full so all had to be turned round. This made it a little slower going up. However we did manage all 24 in 3 hrs, not bad...

This was the sight as we entered the main area of Birmingham..

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Anonymous said...

Gas Street basin, once a secluded world on its own around Worcester Bar, with only a small doorway to the outside world, has changed beyond recognition from my first visit in 1976. Must admit though, I do enjoy the area for the food and the occasional real ale bar, in 1976 getting food was very difficult and can't remember any real ale at all. Mike