Thursday, October 08, 2009

Return to Gas Street

Well it was a welcome return of chugging. As the Birmingham new line was so boring I thought I would take the old main line, known as the Wolverhampton level..

It included the traditional disused warehouse.

There is some impressive development a long the way too.

As I went over the aquaduct I got a brief glimpse of Netherton Tunnel

A bit of a surprise was how long I followed the M5 for, but I soon left it behind and was heading for Smethewick Locks.

However a small delight was the Engine arm

Just above Smethwick locks

Just after the locks you head back onto the Birmingham New Main line and back into Birmingham. I have tied up again in gas street. Am off down the Worcester and Birmingham tomorrow. Heading for Kings Norton junction, where I am being joined by Mike for the week...

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