Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Itchington

Well the big one today was the Hatton flight. Mags was over for the day so we had an extra pair of hands. We even met a boat after a couple or lock and worked down together. It was also our real first day of dampness as it mizzled all morning.

We made good time and we were chugging quite nicely. There were still the reminders of the old and the new

We also had another flight before hitting Long Itchington and the tie up for the night.

We were meeting the T's for a drink or two and also they were kindly acting as taxi service for Mags to return to her car. We had a pleasant evening in the two boats and were off to bed early.

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Anonymous said...

Big Heavy Buggers those Hatton Locks, still with another boat we made good work of it and then cracked on towards Long Ichington. The afternoon turned into a cracker, Indian Summer, hope it continues.

Good seeing the Ts again. but a long tiring day. Mike