Friday, October 09, 2009

Well I set off from Gas Street, I soon hit the Worcester and Birmingham canal. You can't believe that in 15 mins you have left the city centre behind.

You do follow the railway for quite a while, for a moment I was not sure which tunnel to go through..

I wonder if this is a half bar of chocolate...

This is the Bournville factory, I am sure a few ladies would like to visit.

I soon reached the junction of the Stratford upon Avon..

I had decided to moor up nearer to Kings Norton so i went down to the tunnel and turn in the winding hole. As I approached I got something around the prop again. So i missed the winding hole. It took me a while to clear it, I found most of a bike wheel. The other problem was that the winding hole was not full length. So I had to reverse 1/2 mile, not a an easy task, it took me over and hour.

Well I met Mike and we went for a couple of pints and some food all less then £15. Well off to Lapworth tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we did only have two pints! And then a couple of glasses of wine back on the boat. Kings Norton looked an OK place around an attractive green, perhaps we should have another couple of beers. On way back we noticed there was a farmers' market on the Saturday but unfortunately we would be away before that.