Sunday, October 18, 2009


We shuffled the cars around last night so when we got to Aylesbury, we could get back to mine and return it to the marina.

Today was just a short hop from Kilby bridge. As we didn't fancy tying up in the middle of Leicester for the evening.

This was according to the Nicholisons where Pickfords where. It seems a long way away when it would have been full of flyboats

This was the other highlight on what was a very short day..


Anonymous said...

We moored at Aylestone in Leicester, not Aylesbury.
Thank you for letting me enjoy part of your excellent trip, I really enjoyed myself.

Anonymous said...

A gentle day's boating, very pleasant for all that and a really quiet mooring in Aylestone. A great week through some of the best weather and countryside England has to offer.

"Two Fenders" has had some great weather, I'm also glad to have been able to enjoy parts of the trip.