Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kilby Bridge

As we had spent the extra day in MH, we decided to push on had head for Kilby Bridge. It had good road access as Mags was coming over for the weekend. She did have to work Saturday and I have my driving experience day as well.

We set off not to early and made good chugging back to Foxton and beyond. The views of the canal at this time of year are brilliant, I think I prefer this time of year to any other, just when the leaves are turning.

We also passed an old manor house, we couldn't see the main house, but you can still see the church.

We pressed on as soon hit a very spread out flight of locks, it didn't help the beams were not balanced properly, so they kept swinging open, however there was plenty of water in them...

There are also some nice bridges, which are numbered and named, this one was particularly nice.

We soon hit Kilby bridge

Then it was off to the pub, my first one of the day.... We went back in the evening waited for Mags and then had a lovely meal and evening, it was a nice birthday.

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Anonymous said...

A good days boating yet again, I feel really at home on the water, or perhaps it was just the great weather, and being out in it and not looking at it out the office window.

Pub was very friendly and helpful, with good food, recommended.