Thursday, October 01, 2009

Osiris never visited me overnight so I was still stuck on the bottom. After the previous encounter over the weekend, it was nice to see me faith restored in my fellow boater. I didn't have one who offered to help me out I had two.
After a couple of attempts to pull me off backwards, we went for the old fashion, full power forwards and see what happens, it happened and I was off and on my merry way, hurrah!!!!

I saw this on the way and thought of Suzanne, a small holding which I know she would love

There was also this lovely house which I missed first time round

I saw this at the aqua duct just before I hit Rugely. It reminded me of I wondered lonely as a sunflower....

Well I passed through Rugely and Armitage without incident. Most people take pics of heron or ducks I am back to my usual working boat.

I was hoping to tie up at the top of Fradley flight again, but there was no room. So I went down a couple of locks and headed for the Coventry canal (off the T&M at last). There is a swing bridge as you head onto the canal. A lady who was passing stopped and opened it for me, would you believe it, it was Jackie who i knew from work. Her and her husband Tony work with us during the summer and Fradley over the winter. So after she helped me moor I popped over for a coffee and chin wag.. Mike came over this evening so we did dinner and a pint at the Swan

Am off to Alvecote Marina tomorrow to see a old friend and also meet Helen as she is coming for the weekend to help crew or steer. I do like friends.....


Anonymous said...

The lad seems to be cracking on, and with faith in humanity restored, or at least that part that have discovered boats, the journey proceeds in a pleasant fashion. The Swan delivered on the beer (Quartz Blonde) and food (Minty lamb Pie for me and as it had run out, chicken pie for him). He gets nearer to Brum, and my week crewing so I hope the weather stays as good as it has for the trip so far. Mike

Whitewater said...

Am afraid the worm has turned and autumn is on its way